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Sally W.

Middlebury College
Bachelor’s degree, History of Art and Architecture

Tutoring Experience:
3-5 years
Preferred Grade Level:
Middle school, High school
Experience with
Special Needs: ?
Certified Teacher:
Cancellation Notice:
5 hours
Tutoring Location:
My home, Student’s home, Public place (library, park, etc)
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Hi! I'm a college graduate, class of 2012, with a BA in art history and architecture from Middlebury College (in Vermont). I have an extremely strong academic background with particular success in research paper and essay writing, organizational skills, and memorization techniques. I have experience tutoring in all subjects (middle and high school) except for sciences, however, my specialties lie in math (algebra and geometry) and essay and paper writing and editing (including organization and grammar). I am also proficient in French reading, writing, and pronunciation from elementary to moderately advanced levels. Both my grandparents and my mother were school teachers, and now, my mother is a full-time tutor for middle school children. I have two younger brothers who I have always helped with school and homework, and I still help them from time to time with college essays and papers. Most of my experiences tutoring have been on a volunteer basis, however, since moving to New York, my ability to do solely volunteer tutoring has been financially limiting. In terms of my own education, it took me a long time to feel truly academically successful, and it is a feeling that everyone should be able to experience. I love working with kids and assisting them in experiencing the success in the classroom that they are capable of!

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